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Awareness & Recognition of Mental Health Problems for people with Long Term Physical Health Conditions

This e-learning module has been designed for all physical health care staff both qualified and unqualified and has been designed to deliver at City & Guilds level 2.

It is a foundation module and forms part of a whole programme of learning addressing the interface between physical and mental health care in the treatment and management of long term conditions.  

Though the content may be familiar to senior staff we recommend the module for all to create a common platform of knowledge and awareness amongst Teams and individuals undertaking advanced  modules in the programme.

There are 3 Chapters in the module each taking between 30-45 minutes to complete.

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This course is designed around the trauma pathway from pre-hospital through to rehabilitation.

It contains 5 modules, each of which contains:

  • Guided reading
  • A Seminar from a specialist in the field
  • A short assessment
  • Useful links
  • Further information including policy, guidelines and additional resources available on the web

Below is a short video description of the aims of the Trauma Pathway Education Programme by Dr Arun Gupta, Consultant Anaesthesia & Neurointensive care CUH, Director of Postgraduate education CUHP.

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